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get medical help online without leaving your home

Our experienced doctors of the highest category and with many years of experience will help you provide qualified medical care.

Don't want or can't leave the house for health reasons?
Are you on your way and need a doctor's advice?
Are you in another country, far from home, need a consultation on treatment?
Don't want to go to the clinic and stand in line?
Have you had a serious illness, need a doctor's consultation at home?
Caring for a patient in need of rehabilitation, need the help of a rehabilitation therapist?
Need independent medical advice?
Do you want to remain anonymous, cure the disease?

Contact the Online Clinic!
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Online clinic services

medical directions

Services Online clinicAll therapeutic areas

  • gastroenterology;
  • allergology;
  • therapy;
  • endocrinology and others.

Recovery after

  • serious illnesses;
  • wounds;
  • amputations;
  • strokes;
  • traumatic brain injury.


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How it works

medical help online

How online clinic works1. You ask for help by filling out the request form on the site

2. We help by providing consulting support for treatment

3. You are healthy

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Online clinics

Advantages Onlie Clinic mirimc1. Fast
2. Convenient
3. Anonymous
4. Safe
5. Access from anywhere in the world
6. Day and Night
7. Without leaving home
8. Human understandable language
9. Qualitatively
10. Independently
11. Individually
12. Carefully and sparingly for the body
13. We work for the result

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Ask for help

to the Online clinic

Ask for helpJust fill out the online help request form. Click on the "Read more" button. 

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Development and implementation of software for clinics

Medical news from around the world

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