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This Privacy Policy answers the following questions:

    Who does the privacy policy apply to?
    What is the privacy policy covered by?
    What personal and other data does the Company collect?
    What information does the Company collect regarding applications and software?
    What rules apply to specific types of information, including public information, resumes, investor relations, electronic correspondence, and usernames and information entered by them?
    What happens if I refuse to provide personal data?
    Do your Internet services use cookies, IP trackers, or other passive means of collecting information?
    Who collects personal data about me and how will this data be used?
    To whom can the Company transfer my personal data?
    What choices are available to me in connection with the use of my personal data?
    What are your guidelines for links to other websites?
    Do you collect personal information about children under 13?
    What measures do you take to protect information?
    What other provisions of the Company apply to confidentiality?
    What other third party provisions apply to privacy?

This privacy policy applies to all users of Internet services, as well as, with the exception of special cases, all Internet services offered by the Company in Ukraine, CIS countries, the USA, the European Union and other countries.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Internet services of the Company, including mobile applications and other services that contain links to this Privacy Policy. In addition, the Company may own additional domain names associated with individual brands of products that are dedicated to the respective products or link to the above websites. From time to time, the list of sites may be updated.

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to information provided and collected by Internet services on the Internet, and does not apply to information that can be collected by the Company without using the Internet. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not apply to websites or services supported by other companies or organizations (in particular, promoting the Company's products and services, as well as selling related products). At the same time, the Company cannot guarantee the security of any personal data disclosed to these third parties. Please also note that we can hire service providers (agents or contractors) to collect personal data on our behalf, and in such cases, service providers undertake to comply with this Privacy Policy. These service providers are not allowed to use your personal data for their marketing purposes.

We use the services of various third-party providers who are our reseller on the Internet and operators of trading functions for the implementation and / or distribution of applications and other software products. For more information, refer to the terms and conditions of the product you are interested in. Transactions between you and a third-party provider are subject to the privacy policy and terms of service of the respective provider, which you will be warned about at the time of purchase.

In addition, we use the services of third-party providers to ensure the operation of our Internet services - in particular, to support users, collect data from applications and the functioning of e-mail. When using applications or other software products or subscribing to newsletters, you may be required to provide personal identification data to third parties providing services on our behalf. Such third parties are prohibited from using the information received for their own marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you periodically check the information on the website for the publication of any changes. If we make significant changes to this Privacy Policy, we undertake to notify you in this document. If necessary, in the relevant notifications, we provide you with additional choices regarding these changes. Your continued use of Internet services means acceptance of these changes.

You may voluntarily provide us with various non-personalized data in the course of your use of Internet services. We can also use post-requests, cookies and other passive technologies, including the so-called "clear gifts", to receive certain non-personalized information related to your use of our Internet services (including visiting web pages and using functions )

Personal data is data that identifies you, which can be used to communicate with you both over the network and in other ways. You provide the Company your personal data on a voluntary basis. Personal data is usually transferred to the Company when:

    registration in Internet services and websites, when applying for a job, using products, participating in contests, promotions and special events;
    subscribing to news or notifications;
    posting entries or comments on our online message boards and forums, in news blogs and communication systems, as well as in other Internet services;
    purchase of goods or services in our online stores;
    purchasing downloadable materials, virtual goods or virtual currency for use in our programs and / or Internet services;
    using the functions "tell a friend" and "send this page by e-mail", as well as other electronic postcards;
    contacting technical support;
    Downloading demos, programs, or other software;
    participating in surveys and questionnaires or otherwise in the course of using our software, including products for game consoles, mobile platforms and personal computers, as well as in the course of using our Internet products and / or Internet services that require the provision of personal data for use and / or participation.

The types of information collected in connection with the above activities differ depending on the type of activity. The information we collect may include personal data such as your first and / or last name, email address, phone number, photo, mailing address or payment details. In addition, we may collect non-personalized statistical information about you and your equipment: for example, your age, gender, date of birth, zip code, equipment configuration, game system identifier, software used, survey data, application data, IP address and list systems that you used. If statistical information is collected for an activity that also requires personal data, we can combine demographic information with your personal data.

If you use or buy the services of our Internet services or register with our Internet services in the course of using third-party services (for example, network services of gaming systems, gaming Internet services or social networking services), as well as if you request to link your account to the Company's website with an account on a third party website, part of the personal data regarding the account may be transferred to the Company as part of the registration process, and we may collect information about your use of Internet services. For example, if you buy an application using the service for distribution and / or implementation of applications, such a service will provide us with the information necessary for the transaction, including the amount of the purchased application and the details of your account in the Internet service.

Using the application for a social network (hereinafter referred to as “SN”), you allow us access to certain data of your account in the relevant SN. The information to which you allow access depends on the confidentiality parameters set by you in the relevant SN. For example, our applications for Facebook can receive and store the following information depending on your preferences and SN rules: Your "main data", accessible to all SN users; profile photo or link to it; Friend list; user identification number associated with your name, profile photo or other publicly available information; other information mentioned in the "Request Permission" window. You consent to the transfer of this information by selecting the "Accept" action (or similar) in one of our SN applications. Information received from the SN is stored and used by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The company is not responsible for any conditions, rules or actions of any SN.

When you use Facebook Connect, OpenID or another identifier that allows you to log in to several websites to access the Internet service, the corresponding identification service confirms your identity and gives you the opportunity to send us certain personal data to fill out the registration form. Depending on the parameters of your account, the identification service may also transfer other information to us. Before using such a service, read its terms and conditions. When you use the game software products offered by the Company, information about your game may be collected and transmitted to the Company through network services or through any other Internet connections established by the equipment on which the game is played (hereinafter collectively and separately, the “Internet connection”) . For more information, see the section “What information does the Company collect regarding games?”

When you use applications for mobile devices on the Android platform or any other platform, with your voluntary consent, the Company may receive non-personalized information entered by you into the application, as well as the results obtained by the application in the process of processing the information you entered. This may require your consent to create an account and sync.

Aliases and identifiers / gaming systems / social networks / other third-party services: some of the Company's Internet services, including network games and specialized websites, use third-party services to (I) provide authorization in Internet services or (II) the connection of the account in the Company’s service with a third-party account: for example, the identifier of the gaming system, an account in the gaming network service, or an account in the social network. If you use authorization with the involvement of third parties or when connecting the Company account with a third-party account, you must provide information about the third-party account. When you register to receive Internet services through a third-party network service or when you link your account to the Internet service with a third party service, certain information about your participation, including a list of friends, is automatically transferred to the Company.

Public information, including information from online message boards, user materials, information from forums, blogs, personal pages, as well as from comments and communication systems: remember that when publishing personal data on public resources (network message boards, communication systems, fields for comments or personal pages), you agree that this information may be collected and used by other persons. The information disclosed by you on such resources is public and is not considered private or confidential. Remember that any personal data that you disclose on public resources can be read, collected or used by other users of these resources, as well as used to send you unsolicited messages or to establish your identity. If you post videos, images, photographs or other materials for public viewing through the Internet service, you must understand that these materials can be viewed, collected, copied and / or used by other users without your permission. If your nickname or identifier includes your real name, then such a name will be published in ratings and other network services. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you disclose your personal data when using our services, as well as use such data to identify yourself when using our services, with caution and consciously. We are not responsible for any data or materials published by you when using the Internet services. Avoid unnecessary input of your personal data where this is not particularly necessary. We are not responsible for any data or materials published by you when using the Internet services.

Electronic correspondence: we can provide email addresses or forums through which visitors can send us questions and comments or request technical support. In the process of receiving such requests and answers to them, we may collect your personal data - for example, email address and any other data contained in your email. By allowing you to send such requests, we do not attempt to request personal data from you. We only use such data to answer your questions and / or comments or to provide technical support. In most cases, your message is deleted immediately after the satisfaction of your request; however, in some cases, copies of your requests may be stored in our archive for quality control purposes or the subsequent provision of support services to you. If we know that the age of the person we are contacting is less than thirteen years old, then we will delete his email address immediately after providing the answer.

In addition to replies to your electronic correspondence and sending the requested information through our email address lists, we send activation or other transactional electronic messages to your email address if necessary. You cannot refuse to receive these messages that are not advertising in nature. If you do not wish to receive them, you can cancel your account.

Resume: The company provides the ability to submit resumes over the Internet. Personal data collected from resumes are used solely for the purpose of accepting and evaluating candidates for published vacancies, therefore, they are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Information obtained from the resume may be disclosed within the Company by the parent company, subsidiaries or branches of the Company.

Investor Relations Information: The company provides investor relations information on its websites. The personal data collected in the investor relations section of the website is used exclusively for business purposes and this Privacy Policy does not apply to them.

Your refusal to provide personal data may limit your ability to participate in certain activities, such as promotions, lotteries, or in the use of certain Internet services. But, as indicated above, regardless of your registration, we can publish information entered and received by applications, results tables and data on network games, which may contain certain information obtained as a result of your use of the Company's products, in particular, your player identifier.

The company uses cookies, web beacons and similar tracking tools in some Internet services to collect information of a non-personalized nature. If you decide to provide us with information, it may be associated with data stored using the above technologies.

Cookies: A cookie is a small piece of credential stored by a website on a user's computer. Our cookies contain neither names nor email addresses nor other personal data; they are usually used to quickly identify a computer, browser, or other device, as well as to store information about a user's past activity (for example, facts of using various functions of a service). You can always block cookies or set up your browser so that it warns you about sending cookies to your computer; however, blocking cookies may affect your ability to use certain Internet services.

Shared objects: on websites that use Flash technology, we can use the so-called "shared objects". These are small files that look like browser cookies and are used to store user preferences and preferences on a website. Only complex data is stored in such files. Like regular cookies, they are small in size, do not contain names, email addresses or other personal data, and are not associated with your personal data. To remove shared objects that are already on your device, reduce the local Flash storage to zero. To disable receiving such objects, change the appropriate settings in the Macromedia Website Privacy Settings Panel, available at

Web beacons: A web beacon is an electronic image that allows websites to count the number of users who have visited certain pages or viewed certain advertisements. Web beacons, like cookies, do not contain personal data.

Internet Activity Logs: The company can also track the IP addresses from which you use Internet services for various purposes.

An IP address is a network device number that identifies your Internet access point. In some network configuration options, it can also identify your computer or other device.

MAC addresses and other equipment identifiers allow you to identify specific devices. In certain circumstances, for example, if you have linked your gaming system account to an account in the Internet service of the Company, registration logs may be associated with your personal data.

Analytical tools and other technologies: other information that may be passively collected by the Company includes registration logs that record information about your equipment and your use of products, services and websites, including page navigation and game telemetry. We also use logs for our internal marketing needs, service design, technical support, and statistical research aimed at continually improving our online services.

Advertising service providers: some of our Internet services are supported by advertising provided by various third-party advertising agents to the Company: for example, advertising networks and data exchange services, as well as traffic management and marketing analysis service providers (hereinafter “Advertising Service Providers”). Such Internet services may place and use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to collect information about your equipment and use of Internet services. Information collected or transmitted by us by the Advertising Service Providers may include: the type of your device, IP address, MAC address or other device identifier, browser type, language, operating system and approximate geographical location; types of pages, materials and advertisements that you or other users of your device visited or viewed, as well as the frequency of such visits and views; Information about your actions related to the website or the Internet service (for example, time spent in mobile applications or purchase data). The collection and transmission of this information can be carried out when you use the Internet service, when clicking on links and advertisements, as well as when launching our games or other mobile applications installed on your device. This information may be used: (1) to ensure that Advertising Service Providers accurately and correctly receive payment for advertising placed on our behalf (for example, for advertising that led you to purchase or download our game or other mobile application); (2) in order not to show you the same advertisement many times in a row; (3) in order to select and display on your computer or other device (for example, on a website or in a mobile application) the exact advertisement that may be of particular interest to you; (4) to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of advertising and / or traffic in our Internet services, as well as to determine the popularity of certain materials; (5) to monitor and analyze the use of our Internet services with a view to their further development and improvement.

Third-party advertising agents: The company works with a variety of third-party advertising agents that use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to collect information. To receive detailed information about such agents, their privacy policy, and also to refuse to participate in their tracking programs, click on one of the links below. Please note that the presence of an agent in the list below does not mean that the Company currently uses its services or conducts any campaigns using appropriate technologies. We cannot control the tracking technologies used by third parties, therefore, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of such persons before disclosing any information to them.

Further information on individual opt-out programs is available on the World Privacy Forum. In addition to visiting the websites of each of the above suppliers, you can opt out of advertising of a certain direction by many third parties at once if they participate in the Network Advertising Initiative or Digital Advertising Alliance project. To select the appropriate networks, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website at or the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website at

Information provided by you through our Internet services or collected automatically in accordance with this Privacy Policy is received by the Company. The company uses this information to send you promotional materials, provide you with access to our services, fulfill orders for goods, provide the "Tell a Friend" function, and also to answer questions and solve technical problems. In addition, we use your personal and other data in our internal marketing and statistical research conducted in order to constantly improve the products and services we provide, as well as to best meet your needs.

The condition for your use of the applications is the collection, use, storage, transmission and public placement by us of statistical data (such as prices, calculations, the date and the territory to which they relate) entered by you in the application, if you voluntarily provide such information specifically for the purpose public publication. However, we do not collect or publish any information that, as we know, directly or explicitly identifies you (for example, your real name or email address) if you do not voluntarily provide such information specifically for the purpose of such publication.

The condition for your participation in tournaments and other events related to online games is the collection, use, storage, transmission and public placement by us of statistical data (such as your score, rating and achievements) obtained during your participation in the game.

Internet games and social networks are, by their nature, an open community in which games-related information is freely distributed, including usernames, game activity information, and ranking. This information is available for viewing to other users. Based on this, the Company can automatically post certain information (for example, your nickname, identifier or game statistics) in the game itself, on Social Networks, in Internet services and on specialized gaming websites. However, we do not publish information that, as we know, directly and explicitly identifies you (for example, your real name or email address) if you do not voluntarily provide such information specifically for the purpose of such publication. As in other services that work with game information, information about your game achievements, ratings and network games can be published directly in our games or on the pages of third parties using the web technologies “frame” and “widget”.

We can select and / or combine information collected by various Internet services and publish it in various sources, including on our website, in games or in online games conferences. For example, if you associate your account on the Company’s website with a game system account, your game achievements can be displayed on the site together with the name of your account on the website.

The accounts of some Internet services can be combined with the accounts of Facebook, Twitter or other SN. If you associate your participation in the Internet service with an SN account, we will automatically be sent certain information about you, in particular your friends list. Some SNs also give you the opportunity to publish information about Internet services on their websites. In the event of such publication, your actions are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing this opportunity. Before using the services of such companies, read their rules.

Some of our Internet services support features and components of the SN, such as the Like button for Facebook, the Google + button, and the Share button. The SN functions provided by third parties can send you the cookies necessary for these functions to work correctly, as well as save your IP address, data about the pages you visited and other information about you. The functions and components of the SN can be placed both on the resources of Internet services, and on the resources of third parties. Your use of these features is governed by the confidentiality rules of the companies providing these features. Before using the services of such companies, read their rules.

A company may periodically hire suppliers to provide services on its own behalf. Suppliers provide the Company with internal support by providing some of the services we offer, such as delivery, bank card processing and email services. Although these providers may collect, use or store information related to Internet services on their own behalf and not on behalf of the Company, the Company requires them to comply with the Privacy Policy stated by it and prohibits them from transferring your personal data to third parties or using this data in own marketing purposes.

The company may transfer your personal data to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The company may transfer your personal data to fulfill your requests, for example, to subscribe to your newsletter or provide you with technical support. If we offer services or promotions in which your personal data is collected separately and used in accordance with the privacy policy of a third party, we will notify you when collecting such data, and you can refuse to receive this service or participate in the promotion. In addition, we may transfer to third parties consolidated (non-personalized) information regarding the statistics on the use of the website, as well as the age and gender of users, but this information will not include data that can be used to establish an identity.

We may transfer your personal data to third parties in connection with the investigation of cases of fraud, violation of intellectual property rights or other activities that are illegal or may cause you or us to be held accountable before the law, including at the request of law enforcement agencies or other authorized representatives of authority. We may transfer your personal data to third parties if we have reason to believe that their disclosure is necessary to eliminate potential or real damage or to interfere with our rights, workflow, users or other persons who may be harmed or who may suffer losses, or if we believe that this disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, fight fraud and / or conduct legal proceedings, comply with court orders or conduct legal proceedings, which the company participates in. In addition, in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy or similar events relating to the entire Company or its part, your personal data may be transferred to the potential or actual successor along with other information about the Company's customers.

If you are a member of the Internet service, you can use the account and privacy settings of the corresponding service to configure the collection, use and / or display of your data through this service.

If you do not want to receive messages of certain types, for example, newsletters or offers to participate in promotions, you can refuse to receive such messages during the collection of your personal data or later. Ways to do this are listed below. In addition to these methods, with each message sent to you, the Company provides you with the opportunity to stop further receipt of such messages.

Data storage: we will save your personal data for the duration of your account or the provision of services to you. If you want to cancel your account or forbid us to use your personal data to provide you services, follow the instructions above in the section "How can I control the collection, use and / or display of data, as well as change data?". If your account is inactive for a certain period of time, it may be deleted. Even if your data has been changed or deleted, we may retain some information about you for the purpose of resolving disputes, enforcing user agreements and fulfilling technical or legal requirements and restrictions related to the security, integrity and functioning of our Internet services.

In all cases and in relation to any Internet services, we respond to your requests for access to add, delete or correct inaccuracies in your personal data within 30 days.

Remember that during your stay on our websites, using our applications or other Internet services, you may be redirected to other websites that are beyond our control. Providing us with a link to a website does not constitute confirmation, consent or declaration of our connection with a third party owning this website. Since we cannot guarantee that the privacy policy of the websites we link to meets our high standards, before leaving any personal data on the website that you click on the link, we recommend that you read the privacy policy of this website.

The company intentionally does not collect personal data about children under the age of 13 years. If we find out that a child under the age of 13 has provided Company data, we will immediately delete this data. We strongly encourage parents to instruct their children to never divulge their real names, addresses, or phone numbers on the Internet without your permission.

In order to protect your personal data, the Company follows generally accepted industry standards and takes appropriate measures to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the information you provide. The Company has adopted safety standards aimed at protecting against loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. Personal data collected by the Company is stored in safe working environments inaccessible to outsiders (in particular, in enclosed spaces). To prevent unauthorized electronic access to personal data, the Company stores information collected on the network on a server protected by a firewall and uses SSL encryption for purchases made through our online store. However, no system can be 100% secure; Despite our efforts, there is still the possibility of unauthorized access to your information. Using our services, you accept this risk.

All data collected or received by the Company in connection with the use of Internet services is stored and processed in Ukraine, the European Union, the USA and a number of other countries, or transmitted to such countries. Even if your information is in a different jurisdiction, it can be evaluated by the courts, law enforcement agencies and national security forces in order to comply with the laws of the respective countries. Using our services, you expressly expressly consent to the collection, transmission and processing of data. Backups, application data, game organization data, and administrative information can also be stored on media or servers located in the UK, USA, and several other countries.

The use of our services and products may be subject to other terms, conditions and privacy rules prescribed by the Company, game system manufacturers and / or other partners, including: (I) the terms of the Limited Software Product Warranty and the License Agreement that accompany the purchase of the game, application software or online services; (Ii) terms of service, privacy policies and rules of conduct for our online services; (Iii) other provisions and declarations of which the Company informs you; (IV) the terms, conditions and declarations of third parties that you undertake to comply with in connection with the use of their gaming systems and / or Internet services. All of the above terms, conditions and declarations are included in this Privacy Policy through this link.

You can register in or access Internet services through gaming systems, mobile devices, third-party websites, social networks or other platforms owned by third parties. If you transfer personal data to the Company through a third party platform, your use of this platform is governed by its terms of service, privacy policy and / or rules of conduct. Before using the services of such companies, read their rules.

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