Frequently asked questions

about the Online Clinic

1. Who is this resource for?
For those who need remote consultation, treatment support, doctor's help (without visiting the clinic).
The resource is designed for several key categories.
1.1. People who are limited in movement and cannot leave the house. Severely, very seriously and extremely seriously ill with various various diagnoses. For example, heart attack, stroke, oncology, severe injuries and many others.
And also guardians, caregivers, those who help, look after, care for their seriously ill loved ones, and need advice on providing better care and recovery.
1.2. People who are abroad, far from home, and need prompt qualified medical advice, advice, recommendations in their native language.
1.3. All the rest who need remote consultation, advice, help.

2. Is there an actual address at which the reception is conducted?
Yes, there is such an address.
However, the resource is intended for remote provision of services to people from any location, including from abroad, and for those who do not have the need or opportunity to visit the clinic.
Because of this, the actual address is meaningless.
However, all of our doctors are practitioners. If during direct communication with the doctor you want to make an appointment at the clinic, then you can do this in the order of the general queue. According to the details received from the doctor.

3. There are a lot of fields in the Apply form, can I fill in less?
Yes, you can.
The form has required fields and there are very few of them. Required fields are marked with "*" (asterisk).
If you don't have time or you don't have the information to fill in all the fields of the form, you can fill in only the required fields.
The full form contains the optimal set of fields necessary for a quality consultation. And also to reduce the time for an additional survey of you in the future.
Every field on the form has value to the doctor (even if you don't think so). And your information can significantly affect the course of treatment, and therefore the results of your speedy recovery.

4. How can I find out which doctor is consulting me?
For each of your appeals, a doctor in the specialty is recorded, with whom you can have direct contact. In other words, you directly contact and receive advice from the doctor assigned to you.
Therefore, at the first contact, you get acquainted with the doctor, and the doctor with you. Thus, you know your doctor "by sight".

5. What are the possible channels of contact with the doctor?
There are enough options for contacting a doctor, and all of them are available to you.
1. Personal account on the site
2. Communication by phone
3. Communication in messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and others)
4. Email
5. Video communication (Skype, Zoom and others). 

6. I have to pay the bill - where is the guarantee that I will receive a consultation?
1. Before we issue you an invoice for payment, we have already processed your request. In other words, your consultation is already pre-built or in the process of being prepared within the priority treatment deadline.
2. All your payments are official, non-cash, transparent, easily verified and traceable, with the presence of officially confirmed payment documents from financial institutions, both on the side of the payer and on the side of the payee.
3. You make a payment through the official international payment services of financial institutions. To get this opportunity, we have passed a special check and fulfilled all the necessary conditions. Thus, our activity has an official status and is confirmed by an audit of a financial institution. 

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