Online clinics

First, we process your appeal: we analyze your problem, prepare a draft consultation for you, and
only if you confirm the appeal, you will be issued an invoice for online payment.

Consultation and support of treatment are provided after payment of the invoice.

Base prices:

  • Call Priority - Regular, scheduled (response up to 24/48 hours): $25* for one consultation;
  • Call Priority - Emergency (response up to 6 hours): $40* for one consultation;
  • Subscription fee per month (up to 6 free consultations): $100*.

* - prices are indicated in the equivalent to the US dollar, but are charged at the bank rate in the national currency of your country, or according to your choice when paying using the payment system.

The cost of additional services and individual support by a doctor may differ significantly from the base prices.
This may be influenced by: the medical direction you are applying for; the period of support during the treatment of the disease; the country in which you are located; diagnosis and extent of the disease; research results and much more.
The cost of additional support services is agreed and negotiated with you in advance at an additional rate. 

Ask for help.

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