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License to carry out economic activity from medical practice.

Languages of communication and consultations: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

An Online clinic is a resource that enables patients to receive medical advice, constant support during the treatment process and defeat the disease without leaving home.

The Online clinic is an international platform through which our experienced doctors of the highest category can provide medical assistance to any patient who contacts us remotely.

We are constantly working to expand medical areas and the list of online services. We are also working to expand the number of medical professionals and develop regions that can join to receive our online services.
We very carefully select qualified doctors with extensive experience and modern medical knowledge.

If you have health problems, complaints, and need professional advice or medical assistance,
you can get it without leaving your home.

Wherever you are (anywhere in the world), fill out a special application form asking for help on our website. And get a qualified solution to your problem.

The Online clinic resource provides an opportunity for everyone who needs help with health to get the necessary information, advice, and recommendations.

The Online clinic is a modern, innovative and technological solution for the fastest access to medical care.

Each of us would like to be able not to go to the clinic, not to stand in line, not to wait for a solution to your health problem.

The Online clinic provides such an opportunity.

All that is required of you is a device with Internet access and asking for help, describing what is bothering you.

Our qualified specialists and modern technologies will do the rest for you.

You can learn more about how it works on the How it works page.

Don't waste your time - fill out the online application form asking for help.

It's easy and costs nothing.

Take action!

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