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Online clinic

Languages of communication and consultations: Ukrainian, English, Russian.
Means of communication: any mobile device or personal computer that is connected to the Internet.

Fast. Conveniently. Private. Effective.

Step 1
You fill out a special request for help form on the "Ask for help" page.

Ask for help form

In the form, describe what worries you about your health.
Download, according to the instructions on the page, the results of various studies you have.
Provide other important information about your health.
The more and more detailed your information is, the faster you will receive the necessary assistance and advice.
In the form you can upload files of any format, as well as photo, video and audio files.
Send your information to the Clinic by clicking the "Submit" button in the form.
All information transmitted by communication channels through the forms on our website is encrypted. Therefore, your data is securely protected.
You receive confirmation that your information has been submitted and accepted for consideration.
In addition, you get access to your Personal Account in our Online Clinic.
With the help of the Personal Account, you receive consultations from doctors, pay for the ordered services. If necessary, keep a "diary" of health indicators, and also get access to a large number of additional services related to your health.
The personal account is convenient because it is available to you around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All information sent by you and received from the doctors of the clinic is stored in it for an unlimited amount of time. 

Personal Account

Step 2
Our subject matter experts review your information.
Carefully study it, process it, analyze it. If necessary, hold meetings with relevant colleagues.
You will be contacted using the details you specified in the application form and the chosen communication method in order to confirm your application, ask additional questions or answer your questions from the application.
The status of your request changes to "under study/processing". With the help of your Personal Account, you can independently monitor the status of your request.

Step 3
Based on the work done and the analysis of your information, you may be assigned to conduct additional studies to clarify the diagnosis or clarify the clinical picture.

Step 4
With enough information to make a decision, you will be billed for the payment of consulting services, according to the prices of the clinic
You can be additionally informed by an available communication channel about the need to pay the invoice.
The status of your application in the Personal Account changes to "Invoice issued, payment pending"

Step 5
You pay the invoice through your Personal Account. 
After payment of the invoice, its status automatically changes to "paid".
In the absence of timely payment of the invoice, the status of your appeal changes to "not confirmed". The appeal is canceled, access to the Personal Account is closed.


Step 6
You are provided with a consultation through an available communication channel indicated by you in the application form.
You can get a consultation in a way convenient for you: through your Personal Account; to your e-mail specified during registration; through a message in the messenger; voice or video call in the messenger.
After payment of the invoice, the status of your application in the Personal Account changes to “consultation provided”.
The content of the consultation is recorded in your Personal Account. You can review it yourself at any time convenient for you.
If you have been prescribed a course of treatment, then this information is also available to you in your Personal Account in the “Treatment regimens” item. 

Consultation Online Clinic

Treatment regimens

Step 7
In the process of treatment, you are under the supervision of a doctor (you are accompanied, clarify your state of health, changes, etc.).
If necessary, appropriate adjustments are made and recommendations are provided.
If the course of treatment is very long, then, in agreement with you, you may be billed for additional consulting services.
You can communicate with the doctor using correspondence in the Personal Account, using instant messengers, send and receive various files, including photo, video, audio files.

Step 8
After the end of treatment, you may need to be re-examined to make sure that the disease is completely cured.

If you have any new questions, you can always ask for help. 

If necessary, you can register your family members or your loved ones in your Personal Account by filling out an application to the clinic on their behalf. Thus, you can have several patients registered in your Account.

The help request form can be found at this link. Just click. 

Before contacting the Clinic, we recommend that you carefully read the Rules of online consultations.

All interactions with the clinic and doctors are performed through your Personal account. It also stores all the records related to your treatment and health.


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